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People often get confused in both web development and web designing, they are both involved in web development work but vary in different areas. In short, web design is an aesthetic part of a website and its usability. where a Web developer works on the core structure of a website in complex coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other programming languages used to bring design files to life. On the other hand, web designers are more visually creative and focusing on the users they use various designing programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create website layouts and other visual elements.

We provide different types of website design services.!

Responsive Website

CMS Based Website

Ecommerce Web Design

Magento 2 Migration

Mobile-First Website Design

Laravel Development

WordPress Development

Shopify Development

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What Does A Web Developer Do.!

A web developer is a programmer that develops worldwide applications. such as the website and those applications that are run on a web browser for eg. chrome, internet explorer, firefox.

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Need of Development

In a highly competitive scenario where each business/service provider is trying to reach out to the target market, website design and development services have become a priority. A website is a basis on which your digital presence is perceived and leveraged by potential customers. A preferably designed and developed website can be of immense benefit, providing a variety of purposes such as establishing brand recognition, increasing product knowledge, maintaining uninterrupted communication, creating leads, and web design services, etc.


To spread your business on a large scale and to achieve the goal, it is very important to create a website. If you want to make your company website, then you will need one or more web developers, who will make your company website for you. For instance, If you are searching for a website designing company in Delhi White Hat Expert. is providing you the best and impressive design for your website with their web developers team.  


$ 300
  • informatic site
  • up to 10 pages
  • 2 Months Support


$ 500
  • Shopping website
  • All module
  • 3 months support

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$ 800
  • Custom Code
  • All Module
  • 3 Months Support

FrontEnd developer

These developers make those parts of web applications that are shown to the users and by with the user can interact they create input walks buttons and the clicking interaction of the buttons of google are created by the front end developers.

BackEnd developer

Back-developer:-These developers work on the important part of web applications that can not be seen by the users. such as database management, sending information to the server, filter information in the database, etc. For eg. when you surf something on and you see the text-related results. This result is saved by the backend developers in the backend database. They make the server and application communicated.

How does a web development Company help to develop your business?

By the use of web development it helps your business to develop in such ways:

  • It helps to grow your internet presence.
  • It also serves as a branding and social media influence.
  • the website also performs marketing and sales work
  • It Appeals to graphics and visuals for your business. 
  • It engages with the customers more 
  • It creates more reliability and transparency. 
  • It provides a consistent and attractive logo.

In the competitive and web world, a lot of companies and businesses all over Delhi are looking for web development companies to grow their growth. If you search these web development companies in Delhi on Google, then you will be able to open a lot of results in front of you. The text that is searched on Google is open to you in a few seconds. This is also done by a web developer, likewise, everyone is searching for the best web development and can take their business or company to the next level with a plethora of Google searches or online. To complete your search, our website designing agency white hat expert is available to make the best website for you which will give your website a smooth and beautiful appearance with a good ranking and a good ranking.


Popular web development services are provided by White Hat Expert


  • App development & designing
  • Software Development
  • Graphic designing
  • Hosting and domains
  • Content writing
  • Payment gateway
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Blog development
  • E-commerce Development


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