“The set of software development programmers commonly used to create computer programs”.

It is the process of creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software.” Software development is also known as Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which consists of several stages. Providing a method for manufacturing products that meet technical specifications and user requirements. A software development company works for different industries and different projects. Our software development company White Hat Expert. works closely with developers, product managers, graphic designers, and business analysts and we cater to our client’s project needs.

SDLS provides an international standard for creating and presenting computer programs. SDLS also provides a defined structure for designing, manufacturing, and development teams in high-quality software. Creating an impressive product with a defined budget and time is the main objective of the IT software development process.


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Types of software development

Web development

 Web development coding the web pages to make them suitable for uploading to the Internet. Web developers use the coding of web pages to make them suitable for uploading to the Internet. The form of software development can be a great future changer. It is diverse and complex to understand and requires the web developer to organize several interconnected files.

Mobile development

This includes creating apps for mobile devices as well as OS – operating systems. The Mobile games that you play every day are also a present and a part of mobile development. Not only games, many apps in your Android or iPhone mobile like Snapchat, shopping apps, fun apps, etc., are made for mobile devices.

Application development

It is commonly known for developing mobile and computer apps and software programmers. Apart from this, its function is to test programs and fix bugs and issues so that the app can help in the daily functioning of its users.

Data science

Data scientists refer to providing a valuable large data set. This may be useless for you because you do not know what to do with it. Although, people working with data science know it well, which ordinary people do not know. They know to derive the basic vision by manipulating the data and analytical data correctly.

Software tools development

Software development tools are very important in the software industry. Where a developer is required to develop equipment for other developers to perform the test. Knowledge of software development tools helps in maintaining the standards of the industry and conform to them by the developers. Every technical field requires this type of development and even Google gets its tested applications by professional developers.

Backend development:

It refers to offscreen work. A backend developer works with the part of the product which can not be seen by the users.

It’s our responsibility to ensure that everything is fine on the front heads without any problem. The back-end of a website includes the server, an application, and a database and where all the data is collected. 

Embedded system development

An embedded system is used to control machines and equipment that are not usually considered computers. It is specifically designed for specialized software that helps in the functioning of a machine or device. This system requires coding skills for embedded systems. It is specific to the software that runs on your machine or device.

API development:

 The development of application programming interfaces comes under API development, which means extending something. This forms the foundation for traditional processes, types, tools, database access rules, and GUI interaction methods that developers building applications can practice for that particular API.

Security software development

 It is also compared to hacking but in a good way. In which penetration testers work closely with companies for the welfare of their systems and data, along with cyberspace experts. Security software development is to develop software that is protected from theft and other important business assets, including hate attacks and viruses.

What are the Software development services that we are provided?

  • Custom software development

Custom software is designed for specific needs, such as:

  • For a manufacturer or a field service equipment maintenance program.
  • It is an online banking app, designed for the unique needs of the bank and its customers.

If you are looking for custom development services our  White Hat Expert is ready to provide you the best custom software development services with our smart teamwork.   

  • Android app platform
  • Custom software development 
  • Online collaboration platform 
  • Cross-platform app development 
  •  ERP software development

Software development services are mostly the first choice of many companies, which not only saves time for a particular project or task but also allows companies to reach more professionals as well as allow experts to make a reasonable cost transition to in-house development. White Hat Expert providing you the best software development services for your project.

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